Sabian Cymbals at Rock Solid Gear! Drum Set, Band and Orchestral Cymbals!

Sabian Cymbals at Rock Solid Gear! Drum Set, Band and Orchestral Cymbals!

Sabian 6" AAX Splash Brilliant Finish

Sabian Cymbals have always been a staple at Rock Solid Gear and for countless drummers around the world! Sabian has always had a long standing tradition of excellence, making cymbals for all genres and styles of music!

Sabian is one of Rock Solid’s best selling brands! Not only does Sabian have a rich history, but they are also huge innovators for the cymbal industry. Here are some highlights of what’s new at Sabian!

It’s only been about a year since Sabian launched the XSR series, 3 new models have already been added to the line. 17” & 19” XSR Fast Crashes and a 22” XSR Ride are professional level B20 cast cymbals incorporating many of the same processes that have made HHX Evolution and AAX X-Plosion cymbals best-sellers for Sabian. XSR is not a budget series, but rather a series of specifically priced cymbals designed to fit the average drummer’s cymbal budget. As a result, XSR delivers unprecedented sound and performance at this price point.

Sabian also released a new series of cymbals that are the pinnacle of cymbal manufacturing: the Artisan Elite. These are quite possible some of the most gorgeous cymbals we have ever seen at Rock Solid Gear and from what we have heard, they sound just as good. Sabian’s Artisan Elite Cymbals are all made with a natural finish. The lathing and hammering techniques used on the Aritsan Elite cymbals make for an organic and earthy sound that provides a wide array of dark and complex tones.

Artisan Elite are offered in 20” and 22” models, and 14” and 16” Hats, in natural finish only. SABIAN Artisan cymbals have always been masterpieces, pushing forward the art of cymbal making while delivering old-world sound. Artisan Elite are the latest cymbals from Sabian to deliver on the Artisan promise.

Sabian 14" Artisan Elite Hats                       Sabian 20" Artisan Elite

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Sabian has to offer. To explore more of what Sabian has to offer either search our site, contact us or check out Sabian’s website.

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