Dream Cymbals and Gongs – Affordable Hand Hammered Cymbals that Sound like a Dream!


Dream Cymbals and Gongs at Rock Solid Gear!!!

Every Dream cymbal is hand-made and hand-hammered, painstakingly created from fire, base metal and human spirit to create an individual masterpiece. The hand-craftsmanship of Dream’s master smiths is apparent in every Dream cymbal. Dream is also affordable for drummers on every level. With some of the best sounding cymbals in the industry, it’s hard to beat Dream’s price point.

Dream makes all the essential cymbals you need for your drum kit, including hihats, crashes, rides, crash/rides, splashes, chinas and even FX cymbals. They hand hammer each cymbal and use unique lathing techniques of many of their series such as Energy and Dark Matter Series cymbals. Dream also crafts amazing Gongs that can be used for professional concert applications. To see more Dream products and even listen to sound clips of the cymbals, check out the official Dream Website!


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